Grand Moments

Grand Moments is a collection of stories from our owners explaining what has made ownership with Breckenridge Grand Vacations so remarkable. These stories were submitted and then 8 lucky winners were selected for a special prize. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite stories below, so you can see why investing in fractional ownership with Breckenridge Grand Vacations is more than the basics—it helps you create Grand vacations that will last a lifetime.

Michelle Rozales, Winner of the Grand Moments Essay Contest
  • Michelle Rozales, Texas
    “Being a Colorado native, my family and I have been making great memories in Breckenridge for years. My best memory, by far, however, is how I met my husband, Bruce, and how Breckenridge played a huge role in our meeting, and our wedding day. January 2012: as a new Grand Lodge on Peak 7 owner, I was in Breck enjoying my week on the slopes. On Wed. morning of that week, I grabbed the Independence SuperChair, via the singles lane. It was not crowded, and the gentleman behind me in the singles lane asked if he could ride up on the same chair. “Absolutely”, I answered, and we enjoyed a nice conversation, and then went our separate ways at the top. The next morning, I started out on Independence again (ski in, ski out access is awesome, BTW). In the singles lane again, no crowd, and again, someone asks to join me on the same chair. I recognized the gentleman from the day before! We laughed at the coincidence, shared more great conversation, and went our separate ways at the top. Awhile later, again on Independence, via the singles lane, and we meet for a third time! What are the chances? In my near lifetime of skiing, I can’t recall meeting the same person on the chairlift more than once, let alone three times!

    By this point, we had introduced ourselves, and once at the top, Bruce asked if I would like to join him for lunch and skiing. Not expecting his invitation, I was a bit taken aback and fell silent for a moment. He apologized for offending me, and quickly skied away. At first I thought, “There he goes”, but something inside said “Don’t let that man get away!” I quickly strapped on my poles and chased him down to the Rocky Mountain SuperChair, where I skied up behind him (he was looking over his shoulder) and, with a big smile, said “Hello, again!” We spent the remainder of the week skiing together, and clearly hit it off. Bruce is from MN, and I live in TX.

    At the conclusion of the week, it was painful going our separate ways, but we kept in touch, via phone, text, email, another ski week in Breck, and a couple of long weekend trips together. By Apr. of that year, Bruce had relocated to TX, and in Dec. we were engaged. Because Breckenridge is where we met, we decided to have our wedding there.

    On June 18, 2013, we were married at the top of the Independence SuperChair, with our families present. Breckenridge resort personnel played a huge role in the day going smoothly, from getting everyone to Peak 7 via 4×4, to the “Just Married” sign on our chair as we rode down the Colorado SuperChair. As added sentiment, we both wear the Breckenridge rings for our wedding bands. Breckenridge has always been a special place for us, we cherish our Grand Breck memory, and look forward to making more wonderful memories in Breckenridge.”

  • Bonnie Garcia, Colorado
    “First, we are very Blessed to have an ownership with Grand Timber. We have been blessed with six kids and were never able to take them on vacations. The weekend we went up to do the tour was like a vacation.

    We all fell in love with Breckenridge. We were not sure we could afford it at the time and our son Joshua said “Mom get it I will help pay for it” 20years old at the time he was thinking of the quality time we could all spend together and build treasured memories. Well needless to say we purchased in August of 2006. Our first scheduled time to spend up there was October of 2007 and we were all very excited about it.

    Well, unfortunately, we had to cancel this time as Joshua was admitted to the hospital on Sept 10th of 2007 and passed away October 8th, 2007. At times it became hard to keep our ownership I would remember how much Joshua wanted it for his family. So our ownership is in Memory of Joshua.

    We take his picture along each time and he is with us building memories we will treasure with our kids and grandkids.”

    Blessings, Bonnie and Family of Joshua Garcia

  • Diane Megson, Colorado
    “I type this letter with full honesty regarding how we encountered our first and foremost grandest moment in Breck. Each time I recollect this timeframe, tears come to my eyes, but we have told the story so many times, it has become a grand memory.

    Two years ago upon vacationing in the mountains, I received untimely sad news of my father’s passing. We were guests at Grand Timber Lodge, and had committed to a presentation at GP7. So as not to cut my family’s vacation short, and forfeit our commitment to GP7, we stayed our three nights and went to the presentation. After all, I thought, we would have been charged a larger fee had we left without filling our obligation. Both my husband and I agreed beforehand that we were not interested in acquiring another timeshare. We had a plan! We both agreed we were going to the presentation saying we were not skiers, didn’t like to swim, never hike, you name it … anything to get us in and out quickly so I could be on my way to my dad’s funeral in Canada. We had it all planned out, so I thought.

    While my mind was busy with other thoughts and spinning from the sad news, I admit I paid no attention whatsoever at the presentation. To this day all I remember is the fast talking sales person, and the moment my husband turned to me and said “this sounds pretty good”. My mouth must have dropped to the floor, as the sales person politely excused himself. Just the two of us, in the office, I said to my husband “I haven’t heard one word Brad has said”. My husband then somehow convinced me that this would be a grand idea, come up to Breckenridge and enjoy this beautiful resort. Ski, swim, hike (yes, all the things we claimed we didn’t do). As I signed the documents and was pleased that my husband was happy with his purchase, my head was spinning, and I do mean spinning.

    When we left Breckenridge I then headed back to Canada to attend my dad’s funeral. Looking back 2 years ago, I truly believe it was one of the grandest decisions we ever made. Each and every time we visit Breckenridge; I can’t help but remember the day that got us to this point. Although a sad time frame in my life back then, it came to be THE MOST GRAND MEMORABLE time in my life. I’m happy to type this letter, it brings happy tears today and I know each and every time we visit Breck we will create more grand moments with dad/grandpa watching over us. Know how important it is to me each and every time we come. Grand moments await us all. Thank you.”

  • Anita Kumar-Gill, Colorado
    “My most memorable visit to Breck happened in October when my family was visiting Grand Lodge Peak 7. We were sitting on a table near the inside pool. It was chilly outside, but no snow. There was a sweet girl with many tubes running in and out of her body. I said hello to her parents and they began to talk. They explained that their daughter had a terminal illness, and they were visiting GLP7 through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    They were from a very warm region and the girl wanted to see snow. I had this warm feeling of loving kindness towards this family since this was the something that made me proud of being an owner. As we continued to chat, snowflakes began to fall outside. Just recalling this moment gives me chills up my spine, since it was truly a perfect moment. I will always remember this little girl fondly.”

  • Kevin Ferguson, Colorado
    “I woke up anxious, nervous, but mostly excited. I scurried to get dressed and walk out onto our patio at the Grand Timber Lodge. The morning of August 13, 2012, was a gray, gloomy morning. I was a little discouraged because I knew that somehow my plan just wasn’t going to go how I had envisioned. Nonetheless, my time with my family, and girlfriend Taryn, would still be very memorable.

    We decided upon doing what one would call a “couples day,” I had thought about this day for a very long time and had spent countless hours planning and preparing for what this day needed to look like. The plan for us was to go hiking and take in all the beautiful scenery that Breckenridge has to offer. We gathered our things and took off for the day headed to the parking lot to catch the gondolas up to the Peak 8 fun park. With fun in mind we decided to continue what we had planned to do.

    We bought chairlift tickets to ride up to the summit. My nervousness and excitement blinded me from what the weather would be like at the peak. Carrying on we took our tickets and climbed aboard the chair lift, destined for the gray and gloom. The further up we went the colder and gloomier the day got. We had finally reached the peak where we decided to still get off and walk around for a bit. The mud puddles were endless and we hopped around trying to see if there was any place for us to go.

    Finally, we went to the ski lodge at the top of the mountain to try and seek some shelter and find a restroom. We walked around the building a couple of times trying to figure out how to get in. Finally we made it inside and trekked through the closed restaurant to the basement where the restrooms were. After spending a few minutes warming up our frozen bones we decided it would probably be a good idea for us to head back considering the clouds were not letting up and neither was the rain.

    We climbed back on the chairlift and headed down the mountain taking in all the beauty, slightly distracted by the cold and the rain. We made it back to the Peak 8 fun park after what had felt like the longest chairlift ride of our lives. Cold and wet we decided we should probably just head back down the mountain to the parking lot so we could go a get a fresh change of clothes. Little did Taryn know what was going to happen in the gondola ride down. Anxious and shaking, well maybe shivering, we climbed aboard the gondola and headed for the base. As we glided peacefully through the mountain and trees all I could think to myself was that I needed to hurry up. Taryn looked at me and said, “I am wet, cold, and my hair is so messy.” I looked back at her and smiled, paused for a moment, then said, “Babe, you are so beautiful.” I reached into my pocket to grasp the most life changing band I would ever touch. I pulled out the engagement ring and held it tightly in my hand. With the parking lot in sight after the final hill I decided it was now or never. I looked over at Taryn and said, “Taryn, I love you. Will you marry me?” With the most blank stare back at me, and quickest response she said, “Are you serious?” After my heart had stopped and then regained its rhythm I said, “Yes I am.” Taryn’s blank face left and she smiled saying, “OF COURSE!”

    Thank you for the memories.”

  • Marc Gavidi, Florida
    “I have been coming to Breck for many many years. I just love Breckenridge!!! Everything about it. The mountain, town, villages, restaurants, people etc. I still go there 2-3 times every year. But now I come with my wife (of almost 2 years) Shannon. When we first started dating I found out she liked Breck also and had been there once or twice. So that was something we had in common right away.

    Fast forward to January 2012. Myself, Shannon, family, and friends all got together and went to Breck for our annual snowboarding trip. One of the beautiful nights that we were there, (1/12/12), I reserved the horse and sled that goes up the mountain on Peak 9. I secretly talked to the driver and told him what I was up to and he agreed to do it. When we got to his turn around spot he stopped and said for all to get off cause horses needed to rest because of cold conditions. It was lightly snowing, some stars were shinning and the moon was glowing behind the clouds. He turned on his bright front lights, my family and friends were milling around casually and Shannon and I went to the front by the horses and she started petting them (cause she is originally from Texas and that is just what they do). As she was petting them and talking to them I quietly walked a little ways behind her (our family and friends were also getting in position to take pics and video), I got down on one knee, got the ring out and ready and said “Shannon”, she turned around, saw me in that position, (she was totally surprised) then I asked “will you marry me?” Her mouth was hanging open but no words were coming out. So I asked a little louder “will you marry me?” she said emphatically “YES YES I will”.

    Everybody cheered, I put the ring on her finger (it fit perfect but that is another story) and I yelled down the mountain “SHE SAID YES” (it echoed). We were all teary eyed and very happy. The beautiful moon eventually came out from behind the clouds and put a seal of approval on our wonderful night.

    None of us will ever forget that night at Breckenridge.

    Thank you.”

  • Nancy Maule, Colorado
    “My husband and I bought our week at GL7 before it opened. That first winter my brother and his family, from Florida, starting joining us for their spring breaks. One of their boys, Ryan, now 12 years old, has an incurable but manageable bone disease and has endured 8 surgeries. The staff at Grand Lodge at Peak 7 has been through some of it with us. They have been so incredibly kind, supportive and accommodating to things like wheel chair needs and basically just putting up with us! The amenities at GL7 have made the spring breaks when Ryan was not able to snowboard, or walk for that matter, bearable. From the luxurious bathtub to the hot tubs and movie theatres, these are all things that have aided in his physical and emotional therapy (and his parents!)

    Of course, my brother and sister in law have also been owners for several years! We consider the BGV staff family during the winter and that is the best memory one can have, just spending time with family!

    Thanks for such amazing vacations and for us living here in Colorado… bring on the snow!!!”

  • Elizabeth Rising, Florida
    “When my nephew was 10 years old his mother, my sister, died in a car accident. Because of this and other events we were estranged from my nephew for 25 years. In that time my daughter moved to Denver and we found out that my nephew, his wife and 2 little girls lived in the Denver area as well. I asked my daughter to reach out to them. It took 3 years of her friendship before we reconnected with his family.

    My “Grandest” moment during our visit to Breckenridge and one of my grandest moments in my life was to ski with my nephew and his family for the first time since teaching my nephew to ski when he was a young teenager. I kept thinking as I skied with his 5 and 7 year old daughters, that my sister was smiling down on us. It was a happy and sad experience for me as I was enjoying this moment when my sister was unable to, but I felt honored to do it in her place.

    Since that took place a few years ago, we now make a point to ski together when we come to Breckenridge every year.”