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25% Off Whipped Honey Body Wrap Seasonal Special

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Seasonal Spa Specials

Whipped Honey Body Wrap – 60 Minutes $120

This indulgent 60-minute treatment will Soothe your Soul on these cold winter days! After a Spiced Whipped Honey Sea- Salt exfoliation, you’re painted in a rich moisturizing glaze that imparts intense hydration to your skin. Relax in a warm cocoon while you enjoy a stress releasing scalp massage. A Toasty Honey-Chai Steeped Lotion puts the perfect finishing touch on this delectable winter treatment. Enhance this service with any of our massages or facials for the ultimate escape

Marine Mud Detox Wrap – 60 Minutes $145

Our staff help you unwind this winter season with this detoxifying body treatment. We use a self-heating, sea foam mud mask, which aids to relax tight and painful muscles along with overall body tension. As this mask heats up, it mimics a feeling of bathing in champagne, by creating millions of micro bubbles that work deep into your tissue and myafascia. These bubbles help eliminate metabolic waste while also assisting these areas to remineralize and oxygenate themselves, thus leaving your body both refreshed and restored.

These products come from our Phytomer line, based out of France